Training and Staffing

Information is a source of learning


An enterprise without the human resource cannot perform any functional activity. Every activity of an organization is centered on the employees of an organization.         

Do you know the general procedure of staffing?


Manpower Planning

Club Management

Employment of Personnel

Placement Training



But through TECHNOSPRINT!!





We open door now for

Technical Support

Customer Support

Human Resource


Clerical and Administrative

Call Center


We are building a fire, and everyday we train,
we add more fuel to you to stand unique

           We extended our hands in the global skills development and training landscape offering technology-enable blended learning solutions. We have also served as a trusted partner for Institutional training, Corporate training, Seminars, Workshops and Executive Education Programs that are regularly updated.

We provide

Institutional Trainings

Technology related Training in industry standards which includes Solar, robotics, Automation etc. We also support students for Placements by enabling their skills through Soft Skill training, Communication training and Interview Preparation.

Corporate Trainings

TECHNOSPRINT helps a professional to get trained on traditional technologies like CCNA, CCNP, Ethical Hacking, MS Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform or emerging technology which rules the market.